TeamBuilder Consulting

“The harsh news: This Is Not Optional. The microchip will colonize all rote activities. And we will have to scramble to reinvent ourselves – as we did when we came off the farm and went into the factory, and then as we were ejected from the factory and delivered to the white-collar towers. The exciting news (as I see it anyway): This Is Not Optional. The reinvented you and the reinvented me will have no choice but to scramble and add value in some meaningful way”

Tom Peters, “Talent”, 2005

Of course, most of us don’t relish the prospect of fending for ourselves in a hyper-competitive job market. And few of us are brilliant self-promoters.  Self-promotion wizard or not, the first step to architecting a career, is developing a brand – your brand. Your public identity, what you’re trusted for, and what you’re hired for. And for your brand to endure, it has to be promoted.  we can help.